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November 6, 2012
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You were his slave.
The unfortunate person who had to be locked up inside a cold, dreary room. As a [low-caste color] blood, you had no choice but to serve your royal master.
The Grand Highblood.
Actually, you were captured by his blue blooded warriors sweeps ago. Even though you were living in poverty back then, it was better then what you had to deal with here.

Hell, you wished you had never been hatched. You wished that you had the choice to follow the Signless' trek. You really wanted to… But your caretaker didn't allow you.
She was a terrible troll. But not as cruel as the Highblood. Far from it.
Once the blue-bloods stormed into your former home; your village, they had a simple task.
Kill them all, one by one. Kill all who followed the Signless in secret.

Soon, they came to you and your caretaker. And then the worst thing that could ever happen…
She bribed them.
She bribed them with you as the spoils for mercy. They accepted you, but still slaughtered her. You didn't know why they did so. Take you, I mean. As soon as you were brought to the Highblood's throne bounded in chains, he merely grinned and forced you into harsh labor.

And here you are now. Still questioning your existence in your personal hell. How you wished to be free…

The door slammed open followed by the blue-bloods.
"_______! Come with us! NOW!" one demanded. This was odd. Normally one would come in and kick you down into the supply closet and throw a chore list at you, which is usually a good five feet long.

Two grabbed you and forced you out of your room. You know you were going to have serious bruises because of this, but where exactly are they taking you?


You were taken to the Highblood's throne room.
As soon as you were before him, the blue bloods forced you down into a kneeling position. You were trembling as you looked up to him. His clubs had more color then the last time you saw them. Fresh as well.
On his signal, his minions left the room.

What you wanted to say was "Why am I here?" or "What do you want from me?!"… But you knew better. The minor provocation could add your color to one of his massive clubs. He looked down to you with his blazing, bloodthirsty eyes. How they seemed like daggers piercing into your very soul. He got up from his throne and went toward you. As you felt your heart starting to beat at the speed of sound, he clenched your hand and brought you up.

"Come." was all he said.

His iron grip completely seemed to break your arm. Only, it wasn't to the point of that.
Soon, you were dragged out of his lair.
No way, was he going to throw you off a fucking cliff or something?! Oh god oh god oh god- wait. He was taking you to…
An imperial clothing market? There was actually such thing?
Holy SHIT, now you know what's going on. He's going to make the highbloods SKIN YOU ALIVE TO MAKE ROYAL CLOTHING?!
… Okay, that would be extremely disturbing and pretty farfetched. Well, you never know.

He flung you in front of some.
"Which one is appealing?"
You couldn't even speak.
You shrieked and hastily scanned through the variety. You quickly pointed to a [favorite color], robe-like dress.

He gripped you again and dragged you to another place. This one, surprisingly, was some sort of royal plush toy market. Once again, The Grand Highblood asked, "Which one is appealing?"
You really wanted to ask "Why?", but you knew you shouldn't even talk right now. In fact, you seriously wanted to ask him if he's gone even more insane then he already was.
You quickly pointed towards a cute [favorite animal] plush. After that, he forced you out back to his lair and shoved the chore list in your hands. He then went away.

… That had to be the most awkward day of your entire life.


After another hard day with a sore arm, you crawled back into your room. A blue blood opened the door of your cellar and you slowly went back in. Once the door was locked, you collapsed onto the cold floor in the area where you usually slept. For some reason, something was in front of you. Once your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you saw what it was.

The [favorite animal] plush and the [favorite color] dress. What the..? You rubbed your eyes to make sure if what before you was real.
It was real. You reached over and picked up the soft plush. The more you looked at it, the more tears came.
It was so cute… And the first actual thing you had received for a gift in your life. You hugged it, keeping it in your arms as long as you wanted.

Then, you looked over to the dress. It was so beautiful… You had only dreamt of being close to clothes of the higher caste. This is the closest you had ever been. In fact, you were actually feeling the smooth linen of the fine tailored dress.
But what was going through your head was an important question.

Why would one of the most powerful beings on Alternia do this for a lowblood? It made no sense.
Then it hit you.
How he clenched your arm… Was he trying to hold your hand? And the places he took you to… Was this an attempt for an outing for him? Was he…
… No. Impossible. Unimaginable, to say the least.
Was he trying to act as a Matesprit? Key word: Trying. You never knew something like this would happen. Truly unexpected indeed.

You knew what outings for Matesprits were, due to seeing some before your village was attacked. But, you knew that the Grand Highblood had never seen any kind of Matespritship at all.
But his attempt had to be the most meaningful thing you had ever experienced.

Yet, you couldn't come to conclusions. Maybe he wasn't trying to be a Matesprit? You might never exactly know…
Who are you kidding? You know already.
And you feel the same way.
... I had to do it.
I just.
Had to.

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Homestuck= Andrew Hussie
You= The Grand Highblood (or just yourself)
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